Apprenticeship Program

Movement Mastery is a community for learners who are interested in supporting innovation for massive social change. We are currently launching an apprenticeship program for those who wish to learn how to bring new innovations into the movement through research (surveying all research in a given field to provide a comprehensive overview), systematizing (turning that research into applicable models), and/or disseminating those models (through training curriculum, writing, video, etc.).

Apprentices will choose to focus on one of our 7 values:

  • The Long View: Bringing the lessons of the last 5,000 years to bear on contemporary social change.

  • Popular Movements: Creating the technology to build popular movements.

  • Decentralized Organization: Understanding the dynamics of decentralization to bring change efforts to scale.

  • Mass Training: Learning the dynamics of training and how it creates a culture of learning and cohesion within movements and organizations.

  • Identity & Culture: Lifting up the multiple identities and cultures that have made us who we are over the generations.

  • R3: Respectful, Relational, Reciprocal. Seeding a culture of generosity where our exchanges and collaborations are honored.

  • Learning & Craft: Lifting up the importance of deep learning and growth for individuals, organizations, and movements.

The ethos of this apprenticeship program is one of respect and reciprocity. Our expectation is that apprentices will contribute 5 hours a week to researching, systematizing, or producing new content around one of the 7 values and, in return, will receive intensive training and support. Apprentices will learn and contribute meaningfully to innovation around social change while becoming volunteer leaders within our tight-knit community.

This is a great opportunity for people who:

  • Are committed to our values
  • Want to learn how to do research, turn research into applicable models, or disseminate those models into the world
  • Want to learn an apprenticeship model that can be applied to various organizational and movement contexts

The apprenticeship will last 6 months. To allow for full immersion, apprentices will be expected to come to East Boston 1 day a week for 5 hours. During that time, apprentices will receive an hour of training and collaborate in teams.

If you are interested in our apprenticeship program, please fill out an application here. Please also email your CV to Lissy Romanow at alissa[dot] once you have submitted the application, just so we have a sense of your previous experiences. Feel free to write Lissy is you have any questions.