Long View




The challenges we are confronting in the world today -- oppression, exploitation, and the accumulation of resources in the hands of a few -- are not unique to the last 50 or 500 years. These problems make appearances much earlier in human history.

To overcome the challenges we face today, we need to delve deeper into our collective past. That’s why we are proposing to cover 5,000 years of history in 6 days: to begin restoring our memory of the past and planning for the future. We will cover a range of times and places, with particular focus on the culture, resilience, and struggle of people of African and Latin@ descent.

 Over 6 days, we will:

  • Delve into what happened in our evolutionary history to draw a fuller picture of who we are as human beings.

  • Look at how we've altered our environment, from the Neolithic Revolution, when many settled and adopted an agricultural way of life, up to the present day.

  • Enrich our understanding of what happened in different civilizations, from Ancient Egypt to Mesoamerica, and how those events continue to make themselves felt today.

  • Understand the relationships between Black and Brown communities in the Americas, before Columbus.

  • See how material relationships between people and things evolved over time, going beyond and before Marx’s analysis.

  • Lift up Third World struggles of resistance.

The conversation will consist of 15 participants, primarily people of color, and will be facilitated by an amazing team of organizers, healers, and thinkers from across the country: Carlos Saavedra, James Hayes, Dulce Juarez, Jorge Gonzalez, Lucien Demaris, and Lissy Romanow.

Since this is our first experience gathering many years of history into a 6-day conversation, the training is limited to 15 participants and is by invitation only. (If you have been invited to apply, please register here.) We would like to bring many more people into the Long View conversation, however, so if you are interested in attending a future Long View training, please fill out this application and we will follow up with you.

We are also seeking a bilingual intern to help us 5-10 hours a week in finalizing the research and curriculum for the training. If you are interested learning history and building this amazing community of memory-keepers, please contact us at alissa.romanow@gmail.com.


When: Monday, November 30th, at 11am  --  Saturday, December 5th, at 4pm

Where: The Watershed Center (33-44 Kaye Road, Millerton, NY 12546)

Tuition: The baseline cost per person is $150. All lodging and meals will be provided. If you are currently unable to pay the tuition, let us know and we can support you paying it over time. There will be support for the participants that need it the most.


We look forward to sharing the Long View with you!