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Tuition Payment - January Momentum Training

Tuition is on a sliding scale based on the level you have been accepted at, which has been specified in your acceptance email. Please be sure to pay your tuition at the correct level. Tuition includes training, materials including a participant guide, housing for 4 nights, and all meals. Participants are responsible for their own travel costs.

When asked for "Your Info," please be sure to enter the information of the training attendee, even if it is not the person making the payment.

As a reminder, the levels are the following:

$350 - Volunteer Leader or Individual

$400 - Staff Organizer at Small Organization (budget < $500,000)

$500 - Senior Staff at Small Organization or Staff at Large Organization (budget $500,000+)

$700 - Senior Staff at Large Organization (budget $500,000+)

Who's donating

Miski Noor
Sophie Lasoff
Harmony Goldberg
kerri kelly
Chloe Cockburn
Nicole Carty
Emily Mayer
Kate Aronoff
Rebekah Berndt
Alexandra Flores-Quilty
Simone Zimmerman
Jess Grady-Benson
Joel Solow
Benjamin Case
Yonah Lieberman 🔥
Stuart McIntyre
Waleed Shahid
Daniel Gelbtuch
Randall Keesler
Janee Woods Wever
Ilana Lerman
Rae Breaux
Akinlolu Olla
Maria Cabello-Valdez
James Hayes
Astar Herndon
Astar Herndon
Caitlin Taylor
Basha Harris